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Foreign Markets

  • In 2011, the entrepreneurial spirit of the current management and the strong belief that the local motherland provides plenty of goods of exceptional quality and unique nature, was the trigger to commence the international activity of our company.
  • The product portfolio initially includes Wines that are produced by Chrysohoou Estate and Edible Oil by the company brand, ‘’harmonia’’
  • Harmonia is more than a brand which includes a range of the FINEST GREEK PRODUCTS, it is the mean to realize our vision. Harmonia, meaning HARMONY in English, is a Greek word meaning "joint, agreement, concord, to fit together perfectly”.
    In Greek mythology, Harmonia is the immortal goddess of harmony and concord where Ancient Greeks invoked her for fair laws in their lives.
    Harmonia is our guarantee for the highest quality products, accomplished through our involvement in all production phases of each product, starting from cultivation up to the production & packaging and the delivery to the final consumer.
    Harmonia is the ambassador of Greek gastronomy, exploiting the unique environmental conditions and features of the mother-land which, when mixed with the expertise, the passion and the care of an experienced group of professionals, create the ‘’perfect fit’’.