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Limnos Organic Wines

Limnos Organic Wines began its operations in 2002 with the purpose of producing superior quality wines from organic grapes under limited volume. It takes advantage of the reliable, rich soil and dynamic selection of Limnos’ island vineyards. The winery, whose philosophy relies primarily on the charismatic grapes of Alexandria ‘s Muscat, produces in an up to date winery not only dry aromatic wines, but also a series of eclectic sweet wines and other types of products with a limited number of bottle production.

The winery follows all the hygienic and quality standards and is certified according to ELOT 1416/2000 (HACCP) and ELOT ISO 9001/2000. It uses organically grown grapes, which don’t contain chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hormones and genetically modified organisms. Such strategy goes aligned with the winery’s values whose basic pillars are the preservation of the environment and the health of producers and consumers. The vineyards are supervised by an experienced agricultural engineer / oenologist and are controlled and certified by the Certification and Inspection Organization of Organic Products (D.I.O.)