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What is KORPI?

  • KORPI is a high-quality natural mineral water, rich in minerals and trace elements.
  • The area from which the natural mineral water, KORPI, springs has been famous for one hundred years for the unique quality and exceptional purity of its waters, as well as for their healing properties. The area is located in the completely natural environment of the Akarnanika Mountains, protected from pesticides, fertilizers and other substances that may destroy the purity of water
  • KORPI natural mineral water is bottled naturally at source, according to the most stringent European Union standards.

The facilities of KORPI

The KORPI factory is situated away from large urban centers and aims to transfer the natural mineral water, KORPI, to the consumer in the purest way possible. This is one of the most modern factories in Europe and guarantees the highest quality natural mineral water.

Main features - benefits of natural mineral water, KORPI

  • Soft and delicate in flavor - as natural and crystal clear as it would be if you drank it directly from source
  • The low level of salt in combination with the very low levels of sodium (Na 4.7mg/L) make it suitable for a diet deficient in sodium. It is also an excellent diuretic.

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