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What is Perrier?

  • Perrier is the No.1 sparkling natural mineral water in terms of sales in the world. Global consumption reaches 700 million bottles a year and it is sold in over 140 countries across all five continents.
  • Perrier comes from a unique source located in Vergeze, a village in southern France. The source has been known since the time of the ancient Romans.
  • The Perrier bottling facility covers an area of 750 acres, of which 215 acres are devoted to factory premises.
  • Production is vertically integrated in that the same factory site manufactures the glass bottles, bottles the water and then it loads it on trains or lorries which travel all around the world.
  • The units in Vergeze employ at total of 2,500 workers.
  • Perrier has a unique and continuous quality-assurance process at all stages of production.

The main features of Perrier

  • Perrier is a sparkling natural mineral water, fortified with gas from the source. This means that the carbon dioxide is already present in the water naturally.
  • It contains no calories.
  • It is well-known and recognizable all over the world.
Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water