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San Pellegrino

The “champagne" of natural mineral waters

San Pellegrino is the perfect accompaniment to a high-class lunch or good wine, as it "washes out" the mouth and brings out the best of each flavor. It is known as the "champagne" of natural mineral waters due to its crystal clear, refreshing and delicate taste, and refined bubbles that tickle your palate. San Pellegrino is recommended by leading sommeliers and wine tasters all over the world.

What does it offer you?

  • The best natural mineral water in the world and the only such product available in Greece. It will bring finesse and a cosmopolitan atmosphere to your restaurant.
  • A world-renowned brand. Its price will readily be accepted by the customer, and will help improve the profitability of your company.
  • A highly-developed promotion system throughout the world.
  • It is served in all good restaurants. Why is it missing from yours?!

How to serve San Pellegrino

  • Best served at 8οC - 10οC.
  • It should be opened just in front of the customer, and never before.
  • We suggest that it is always available on the table of the restaurant. We suggest the waiter pours the first glass.
  • When the glass is empty, it should be filled only halfway with San Pellegrino. It is considered to be part of the meal and not a mere mineral water.
  • San Pellegrino must be served alone, with no ice or lemon – any extras will spoil its fine taste.
  • We suggest that the waiter offers San Pellegrino by saying: "May I serve you San Pellegrino, the ideal water that brings out the flavors of the dishes you chose?”

San Pellegrino is the most famous sparkling natural mineral water. It is the symbol of Italian style and elegance. Refined, delicate, unique, it is as important as a fine wine. The perfect accompaniment for the most sophisticated tastes - complementing meals in the most famous restaurants in the world!

The Mineral Water of Italian Alps

San Pellegrino springs from the Italian Alps near the Brembo River, northeast of Milan. Its excellent quality and purity is guaranteed by its long journey to the heart of the Italian Alps as well as its natural geological filtering. Sophisticated, clear and with fine bubbles, San Pellegrino is rich in calcium and magnesium and low in sodium.

The most famous sparkling natural mineral water

San Pellegrino city has been known since the 13th century for the healing properties of its natural mineral water. The first bottles of San Pellegrino were bottled in 1899, and during the early 19th century the city became a seaside resort for the high society. The casino and the spa facilities of the city become an attraction for the international jet-set and San Pellegrino becomes the favorite water of many celebrities. With sales of over 500 million bottles in 110 countries around the world, it has accompanied the meals of the best and most famous restaurants for 100 years!

San Pellegrino San Pellegrino
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