What we do


& Distribution

Our company undertakes the sale and distribution of fast moving consumer products in the food & beverage industry. It serves all distribution channels through direct sales or through partners nationwide. Our sales team is highly trained to meet the needs of our customers and provide high quality support services. At the same time, our sophisticated product storage facilities meet the needs of even the most sensitive products, while our excellent logistics team ensures the timely delivery of orders.


The marketing team utilizes all means of promotion and communication and takes all necessary actions to highlight the special features and quality of the products we represent. At the same time, it contributes to any need to create or improve the image of any brand.



It is our obligation to communicate to our customers all the characteristics and qualities of each brand.

Utilizing both the company’s fully equipped training room and visits to the customer’s site, we are able to train and provide the necessary guidance both product-wise and strategically.

Staff training continues throughout the entire period through seminars, regular visits and checks on the quality of the coffee. The trainers are qualified professional baristi certified by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association).

Technical support

Foodrinco S.A. provides full technical support for its equipment through a well-trained and organized Technical Department. The maintenance and repair of your equipment is carried out directly and within the company’s facilities, in order to quickly solve any technical problem. The 24-hour operation of the department, 365 days a year, guarantees the smooth operation of your business while our Technical Department has the ability to visit your site for on-site diagnosis and repair of your machine.